Hair length of five feet, stumble when walking, how does the ‘real Rapunzel’ take care of her hair?

Long hair falls on its own legs. This is like another Rapunzel story from the pages of a fairy tale.

The length of the hair is about five feet. Hair gets tangled in the legs while walking. It takes two days for hair to dry after shampooing. You can’t even remember the last time you cut your hair. The story of Russian resident Genevieve Dove’s long hair is now going viral.

In the fairy tale, Princess Rapunzel’s long hair was carried by her lover to the palace. That story is more or less known to everyone. Genevieve is the Rapunzel of reality. The main character of ‘Tangled’ had long hair. Genevieve’s long hair has crossed one lakh followers on Instagram. Genevieve’s hair is not only long, but also beautiful. Sparkling and bright. Just take a peek at Genevieve’s Instagram to see the beauty of that hair. He made various videos for his fans. Many people sometimes want to know about her hair care routine. Genevieve said that in her Instagram video recently.

He said that Rapunzel is his inspiration. He wanted to be like this character he read as a child. So he did not cut his hair. But long hair is not easy to manage. There is a risk of care. Along with that, you have to keep yourself away from many things. Genevieve does the same. Don’t smoke to keep your hair healthy. Do not drink alcohol. Comb your hair every day. It keeps the blood circulation of the scalp active. Hair also becomes healthy. According to Genevieve, a healthy lifestyle means good hair.

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